Karanda Village VII

INSTRUCTIONS TO REGISTER A NEW VEHICLE: Register your car as an Owner. Management will verify that those registering are approved residents and will verify the vehicle registration is current. Once verified, management will email your information to the Board of Directors. Someone from the Board will get in contact with you and will make arrangements to distribute the decal(s) within the community. (There is no charge for the decal).

Register a Guest: Guest’s only need to register their vehicle if they will be staying at the property for more than three (3) nights. Verify that the TAG # is correct
***Do not use spaces or dashes***

Guest passes are done virtually through the vehicle’s TAG number and are only known to management and parking enforcement. You will receive a confirmation email when you register the vehicle. Please be sure to double-check the information entered when you receive the email.

Parking Boot

Owner Decal Registration

Guest Parking Registration