Parking Boot


Due to COVID-19
Please Call our office after you register your vehicle to make an appointment to pick up your decal.
Call: 954-753-7966 Ext: 142 or 109

The cost for each new parking decal is $15.00, payable to J&L Property Management. The decals must be picked up at our Coral Springs office. If you are registering your car after business hours, you will not be able to pick up your decal. You must register your car as a Guest until the following business day. Vehicles without a decal or not registered as a Guest are subject to being booted.

We only accept money orders and certified cashier’s checks for parking decal payment. We do not accept checks, personal checks, credit cards, or cash

If you have any questions or concerns, please email and copy


If you are registering a NEW car or you are a new owner/tenant registering vehicle(s), be reminded that you MUST come to our office to pick up your decal the following business day. If you are registering your vehicle on a Friday, you must register it as a guest for the weekend, so you are not booted or towed. If your car is booted or towed because you did not pick up your decals, J&L Property Management, the board of directors of the association, No Go Booting, or the towing company will NOT be held responsible for the cost.

Double-check the information you are inputting. The monitoring company does a search on their computer for your license plate number. If you type in the license plate number incorrectly, they will not be able to find your car on the list. Should it be booted, you will be held fully responsible for the cost to remove the boot.