Vehicle / Guest Registration Instructions:

Please follow the steps below before coming to our office for your decal. 

• Register your car either as an Owner or Tenant – Do not use spaces or dashes when entering the license plate
• Forward your confirmation email to and copy
– You may also call our office to advise the registration has been done – (954) 753-7966
Management will verify that those registering are approved occupants.
• Management will confirm that your vehicle has been registered and your decal is ready to be picked up.
• Bring your $15.00 money order made payable to J&L Property Management to pick up your decal during business hours. (Personal checks, credit cards, and cash is not accepted)
• If you do not pick up your decal and your vehicle is booted, neither management nor the Association will not be held responsible.
• If you register your vehicle on a Friday, please register it as a GUEST for the weekend and pick up your decal the following business day.
• Decals must be placed on the back windshield, drivers’ side (Confirm with Mgmt). If your windows are too tinted, you can place the decal on the front windshield, driver’s side. Decal must be placed on the car immediately after it’s picked up.

NOTE: Please DO NOT take it upon yourself to move your decal from one vehicle to another without calling Management! We must know so we can update our records. Additionally, if you get a NEW LICENSE PLATE, you will need to re-register your car online and inform management of the change so we may update our records.

• If you do not have access to internet on a computer, a mobile device or a tablet, you can call our 24/7 emergency service at (954) 968-9791 for Guest registrations ONLY.
• Register as a Guest within your Association
• Verify that the TAG # is correct. Do not use spaces or dashes.
• Guest passes are done virtually through the vehicle’s TAG number and is only known to the parking enforcement.
• **Be sure to check your Associations Rules and Regulations regarding Guest restrictions**